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Sunita G. Kramer, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Santiago-Martinez, E., Soplop, N., and Kramer, S.G. Lateral positioning at the midline: Slit and Robos guide Drosophila heart cell migration. PNAS 103(33):12441-12446. 2006.
  2. Santiago-Martinez, E., Soplop, N., Rajesh Patel and Kramer, S.G. Repulsion by Slit and Robo prevents Shg/E-Cadherin-mediated cell adhesion during for Drosophila heart tube lumen formation. J. Cell Biol. 182:241–248. 2008.
  3. Guerin, C.M., and Kramer, S.G. Tumbleweed/RacGAP50C directs perinuclear gamma-tubulin localization to organize the uniform microtubule array required for Drosophila myotube extension. Development, 136:1411-1421. 2009.
  4. Guerin, C.M., and Kramer, S.G. Cytoskeletal remodeling during myotube assembly and guidance: coordinating the actin and microtubule networks. Communicative and Integrative Biology, 2(5):452-457. 2009.
  5. Soplop, N.H., Patel, R., and Kramer, S.G. Preparation of late stage embryos for transmission electron microscopy of the Drosophila embryonic heart tube. J. Vis. Exp. Dec 21;(34). 2009.
  6. Soplop, N.H., Cheng, Y.S., and Kramer, S.G. Roundabout is required in the visceral mesoderm for proper microvilli length in the hindgut epithelium. Dev. Dyn. 241(4):759-69. 2012.
  7. Macabenta, F.D., Jensen, A.G., Cheng, Y.S., Kramer, J.J., and Kramer, S.G. Frazzled/DCC facilitates cardiac cell outgrowth and attachment during Drosophila dorsal vessel formation. Dev. Biol. 380(2):233-42. 2013.
  8. Swope, D., Kramer, J., King, T.R., Yi-Shan Cheng, Y.S., and Kramer, S.G. Cdc42 is required in a genetically distinct subset of cardiac cells during Drosophila dorsal vessel closure. Dev. Biol. 392(2):221-3. 2014