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Sharon R. Pine, PhD

Publications since 2011

Pine, S. R. Mechanic, L. E. Enewold, L. Bowman, E. D. Ryan, B. M. Cote, M. L. Wenzlaff, A. S. Loffredo, C. A. Olivo-Marston, S. Chaturvedi, A. K. Caporaso, N. E. Schwartz, A. G. Harris, C. C. Differential Serum Cytokine Levels and Risk of Lung Cancer between African and European Americans. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, In process, . (PMID: 26711330)

Ryan, B. M. Robles, A. I. McClary, A. C. Haznadar, M. Bowman, E. D. Pine, S. R. Brown, D. Khan, M. Shiraishi, K. Kohno, T. Okayama, H. Modali, R. Yokota, J. Harris, C. C. Identification of a functional SNP in the 3'UTR of CXCR2 that is associated with reduced risk of lung cancer. Cancer Res, In process, . (PMID: 25480945)

Ryan, B. M. Pine, S. R. Chaturvedi, A. K. Caporaso, N. Harris, C. C. A Combined Prognostic Serum Interleukin-8 and Interleukin-6 Classifier for Stage 1 Lung Cancer in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial. J Thorac Oncol, In process, . (PMID: 25170636)

Capaccione, K. M. Hong, X. Morgan, K. M. Liu, W. Bishop, J. M. Liu, L. Markert, E. Deen, M. Minerowicz, C. Bertino, J. R. Allen, T. Pine, S. R. Sox9 mediates Notch1-induced mesenchymal features in lung adenocarcinoma. Oncotarget, 5:3636-3650, . (PMID: 25004243, PMCID: PMC4116509)

Liu, W. Morgan, K. M. Pine, S. R. Activation of the Notch1 Stem Cell Signaling Pathway during Routine Cell Line Subculture. Front Oncol, 4:211, . (PMID: 25147757, PMCID: PMC4123601)

Pine, S. R. Liu, W. Asymmetric cell division and template DNA co-segregation in cancer stem cells. Front Oncol, 4:226, . (PMID: 25191642, PMCID: PMC4139651)

Mondal, A. M. Horikawa, I. Pine, S. R. Fujita, K. Morgan, K. M. Vera, E. Mazur, S. J. Appella, E. Vojtesek, B. Blasco, M. A. Lane, D. P. Harris, C. C. p53 isoforms regulate aging- and tumor-associated replicative senescence in T lymphocytes. J Clin Invest, 123:5247-5257, . (PMID: 24231352, PMCID: PMC3859419)

Capaccione, K. M. Pine, S. R. The Notch Signaling Pathway as a Mediator of Tumor Survival. Carcinogenesis, 34:1420-1430, . (PMID: 23585460, PMCID: PMC3697894)

Liu, W. Jeganathan, G. Amiri, S. Morgan, K. M. Ryan, B. M. Pine, S. R. Asymmetric segregation of template DNA strands in basal-like human breast cancer cell lines. Mol Cancer, 12:139, . (PMID: 24238140, PMCID: PMC3866575)

Ryan, B. M. Calhoun, K. M. Pine, S. R. Bowman, E. D. Robles, A. I. Ambs, S. Harris, C. C. MDM2 SNP285 does not antagonize the effect of SNP309 in lung cancer. Int J Cancer, 131:2710-2716, . (PMID: 22487911, PMCID: PMC3414691)

Patel, S. A. Ramkissoon, S. H. Bryan, M. Pliner, L. F. Dontu, G. Patel, P. S. Amiri, S. Pine, S. R. Rameshwar, P. Delineation of breast cancer cell hierarchy identifies the subset responsible for dormancy. Sci Rep, 2:906, . (PMID: 23205268, PMCID: PMC3510468)

Pine, S. R. Mechanic, L. E. Enewold, L. Chaturvedi, A. K. Katki, H. A. Zheng, Y. L. Bowman, E. D. Engels, E. A. Caporaso, N. E. Harris, C. C. Increased levels of circulating interleukin 6, interleukin 8, C-reactive protein, and risk of lung cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst, 103:1112-1122, . (PMID: 21685357, PMCID: PMC3139587)

Schwartz, A. G. Wenzlaff, A. S. Bock, C. H. Ruterbusch, J. J. Chen, W. Cote, M. L. Artis, A. S. Van Dyke, A. L. Land, S. J. Harris, C. C. Pine, S. R. Spitz, M. R. Amos, C. I. Levin, A. M. McKeigue, P. M. Admixture mapping of lung cancer in 1812 African-Americans. Carcinogenesis, 32:312-317, . (PMID: 21115650, PMCID: PMC3047238)