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Edmund C. Lattime, PhD

Publications since 2011

Nikitczuk, K. P. Schloss, R. S. Yarmush, M. L. Lattime, E. C. PLGA-polymer encapsulating tumor antigen and CpG DNA administered into the tumor microenvironment elicits a systemic antigen-specific IFN-gamma response and enhances survival. J Cancer Ther, 4:280-290, . (PMID: 23741626, PMCID: PMC3670804)

Moloughney, J. G. Monken, C. E. Tao, H. Zhang, H. Thomas, J. D. Lattime, E. C. Jin, S. Vaccinia virus leads to ATG12-ATG3 conjugation and deficiency in autophagosome formation. Autophagy, 7:1434-1447, . (PMID: 22024753, PMCID: PMC3327614)