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Mary Hrywna, MPH

Publications since 2011

Casseus, M. Garmon, J. Hrywna, M. Delnevo, C. D. Cigarette smokers' classification of tobacco products. Tob Control, In process, . (PMID: 26604260)

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Delnevo, C. D. Bover-Manderski, M. T. Hrywna, M. Cigar, marijuana, and blunt use among US adolescents: Are we accurately estimating the prevalence of cigar smoking among youth? Prev Med, 52:475-476, . (PMID: 21443900, PMCID: PMC3139401)

Wackowski, O. A. Lewis, M. J. Hrywna, M. Banning smoking in New Jersey casinos--a content analysis of the debate in print media. Subst Use Misuse, 46:882-888, . (PMID: 21599503)