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Rula Wilson, PhD, RN

Publications since 2011

Wilson, R. M. Brown, D. R. Carmody, D. P. Fogarty, S. HPV Vaccination Completion and Compliance with Recommended Dosing Intervals Among Female and Male Adolescents in an Inner-City Community Health Center. J Community Health, In process, . (PMID: 25312867)

Phillips, A. B. Wilson, R. V. Kaushal, R. Merrill, J. A. Implementing health information exchange for public health reporting: a comparison of decision and risk management of three regional health information organizations in New York state. J Am Med Inform Assoc, 21:e173-e177, . (PMID: 23975626, PMCID: PMC3957386)

Beckel, J. Wolf, G. Wilson, R. Hoolahan, S. Identification of potential barriers to nurse-sensitive outcome demonstration. J Nurs Adm, 43:645-652, . (PMID: 24232238)

Wilson, R. Brown, D. R. Boothe, M. A. Harris, C. E. Knowledge and Acceptability of the HPV Vaccine Among Ethnically Diverse Black Women. J Immigr Minor Health, 15:747-757, . (PMID: 23197180)

Wilson, R. Kumar, P. Parashar, V. Vilcheze, C. Veyron-Churlet, R. Freundlich, J. S. Barnes, S. W. Walker, J. R. Szymonifka, M. J. Marchiano, E. Shenai, S. Colangeli, R. Jacobs, W. R. Jr Neiditch, M. B. Kremer, L. Alland, D. Antituberculosis thiophenes define a requirement for Pks13 in mycolic acid biosynthesis. Nat Chem Biol, 9:499-506, . (PMID: 23770708, PMCID: PMC3720791)

Wilson, R. C. Nassar, M. R. Gold, J. I. A mixture of delta-rules approximation to bayesian inference in change-point problems. PLoS Comput Biol, 9:e1003150, . (PMID: 23935472, PMCID: PMC3723502)

Swart, E. C. Bracht, J. R. Magrini, V. Minx, P. Chen, X. Zhou, Y. Khurana, J. S. Goldman, A. D. Nowacki, M. Schotanus, K. Jung, S. Fulton, R. S. Ly, A. McGrath, S. Haub, K. Wiggins, J. L. Storton, D. Matese, J. C. Parsons, L. Chang, W. J. Bowen, M. S. Stover, N. A. Jones, T. A. Eddy, S. R. Herrick, G. A. Doak, T. G. Wilson, R. K. Mardis, E. R. Landweber, L. F. The Oxytricha trifallax macronuclear genome: a complex eukaryotic genome with 16,000 tiny chromosomes. PLoS Biol, 11:e1001473, . (PMID: 23382650, PMCID: PMC3558436)

Wilson, R. Brown, D. R. Boothe, M. A. Weng, F. L. Improving the delivery of patient education about kidney transplant in a transplant center. Prog Transplant, 22:403-412, . (PMID: 23187059)

Brown, D. R. Wilson, R. M. Boothe, M. A. Harris, C. E. Cervical cancer screening among ethnically diverse black women: knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices. J Natl Med Assoc, 103:719-728, . (PMID: 22046849)