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Derek B. Sant'Angelo, PhD

Publications since 2011

Thapa, P. Chen, M. W. McWilliams, D. C. Belmonte, P. Constans, M. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Shapiro, V. S. NKAP Regulates Invariant NKT Cell Proliferation and Differentiation into ROR-gammat-Expressing NKT17 Cells. J Immunol, In process, . (PMID: 27183586)

Chen, L. Foreman, D. P. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Krangel, M. S. Yin Yang 1 Promotes Thymocyte Survival by Downregulating p53. J Immunol, In process, . (PMID: 26843327)

Zhang, S. Laouar, A. Denzin, L. K. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Zbtb16 (PLZF) is stably suppressed and not inducible in non-innate T cells via T cell receptor-mediated signaling. Sci Rep, 5:12113, . (PMID: 26178856)

Lynch, L. Michelet, X. Zhang, S. Brennan, P. J. Moseman, A. Lester, C. Besra, G. Vomhof-Dekrey, E. E. Tighe, M. Koay, H. F. Godfrey, D. I. Leadbetter, E. A. Sant'Angelo, D. B. von Andrian, U. Brenner, M. B. Regulatory iNKT cells lack expression of the transcription factor PLZF and control the homeostasis of T cells and macrophages in adipose tissue. Nat Immunol, In process, . (PMID: 25436972)

Ghosh, A. Holland, A. M. Dogan, Y. Yim, N. L. Rao, U. K. Young, L. F. West, M. L. Singer, N. V. Lee, H. Na, I. K. Tsai, J. J. Jenq, R. R. Penack, O. Hanash, A. M. Lezcano, C. Murphy, G. F. Liu, C. Sadelain, M. Sauer, M. G. Sant'angelo, D. van den Brink, M. R. PLZF confers effector functions to donor T cells that preserve graft-versus-tumor effects while attenuating GVHD. Cancer Res, 73:4687-4696, . (PMID: 23733752, PMCID: PMC3732814)

Zhu, L. Qiao, Y. Choi, E. S. Das, J. Sant'angelo, D. B. Chang, C. H. A transgenic TCR directs the development of IL-4+ and PLZF+ innate CD4 T cells. J Immunol, 191:737-744, . (PMID: 23776174, PMCID: PMC3702648)

Monzon-Casanova, E. Paletta, D. Starick, L. Muller, I. Sant'angelo, D. B. Pyz, E. Herrmann, T. Direct identification of rat iNKT cells reveals remarkable similarities to human iNKT cells and a profound deficiency in LEW rats. Eur J Immunol, 43:404-415, . (PMID: 23165932)

Thapa, P. Das, J. McWilliams, D. Shapiro, M. Sundsbak, R. Nelson-Holte, M. Tangen, S. Anderson, J. Desiderio, S. Hiebert, S. Sant'angelo, D. B. Shapiro, V. S. The transcriptional repressor NKAP is required for the development of iNKT cells. Nat Commun, 4:1582, . (PMID: 23481390, PMCID: PMC3615467)

Osada, M. Singh, V. J. Wu, K. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Pezzano, M. Label retention identifies a multipotent mesenchymal stem cell-like population in the postnatal thymus. PLoS One, 8:e83024, . (PMID: 24340075, PMCID: PMC3858364)

Qiao, Y. Zhu, L. Sofi, H. Lapinski, P. E. Horai, R. Mueller, K. Stritesky, G. L. He, X. Teh, H. S. Wiest, D. L. Kappes, D. J. King, P. D. Hogquist, K. A. Schwartzberg, P. L. Sant'angelo, D. B. Chang, C. H. Development of promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger-expressing innate CD4 T cells requires stronger T-cell receptor signals than conventional CD4 T cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109:16264-16269, . (PMID: 22988097, PMCID: PMC3479572)

Beaulieu, A. M. Sant'Angelo, D. B. The BTB-ZF family of transcription factors: key regulators of lineage commitment and effector function development in the immune system. J Immunol, 187:2841-2847, . (PMID: 21900183, PMCID: PMC3170133)

Amrani, Y. M. Gill, J. Matevossian, A. Alonzo, E. S. Yang, C. Shieh, J. H. Moore, M. A. Park, C. Y. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Denzin, L. K. The Paf oncogene is essential for hematopoietic stem cell function and development. J Exp Med, 208:1757-1765, . (PMID: 21844206, PMCID: PMC3171089)

Gordon, S. M. Carty, S. A. Kim, J. S. Zou, T. Smith-Garvin, J. Alonzo, E. S. Haimm, E. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Koretzky, G. A. Reiner, S. L. Jordan, M. S. Requirements for eomesodermin and promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger in the development of innate-like CD8+ T cells. J Immunol, 186:4573-4578, . (PMID: 21383242, PMCID: PMC3085897)

Alonzo, E. S. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Development of PLZF-expressing innate T cells. Curr Opin Immunol, 23:220-227, . (PMID: 21257299, PMCID: PMC3073746)

Eidson, M. Wahlstrom, J. Beaulieu, A. M. Zaidi, B. Carsons, S. E. Crow, P. K. Yuan, J. Wolchok, J. D. Horsthemke, B. Wieczorek, D. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Altered development of NKT cells, gammadelta T cells, CD8 T cells and NK cells in a PLZF deficient patient. PLoS One, 6:e24441, . (PMID: 21915328, PMCID: PMC3167854)

Li, J. Vandal, O. Sant'Angelo, D. B. TCR affinity for self-ligands influences the development and function of encephalitogenic T cells. PLoS One, 6:e17702, . (PMID: 21437282, PMCID: PMC3060088)