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Lisa K. Denzin, PhD

Publications since 2011

Zhang, S. Laouar, A. Denzin, L. K. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Zbtb16 (PLZF) is stably suppressed and not inducible in non-innate T cells via T cell receptor-mediated signaling. Sci Rep, 5:12113, . (PMID: 26178856)

Pezeshki, A. M. Azar, G. A. Mourad, W. Routy, J. P. Boulassel, M. R. Denzin, L. K. Thibodeau, J. HLA-DO increases bacterial superantigen binding to human MHC molecules by inhibiting dissociation of class II-associated invariant chain peptides. Hum Immunol, 74:1280-1287, . (PMID: 23756162)

Denzin, L. K. Cresswell, P. Sibling rivalry: competition between MHC class II family members inhibits immunity. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 20:7-10, . (PMID: 23288359)

Denzin, L. K. Inhibition of HLA-DM Mediated MHC Class II Peptide Loading by HLA-DO Promotes Self Tolerance. Front Immunol, 4:465, . (PMID: 24381574, PMCID: PMC3865790)

Porter, G. W. Yi, W. Denzin, L. K. TLR agonists downregulate H2-O in CD8alpha- dendritic cells. J Immunol, 187:4151-4160, . (PMID: 21918198, PMCID: PMC3186832)

Amrani, Y. M. Gill, J. Matevossian, A. Alonzo, E. S. Yang, C. Shieh, J. H. Moore, M. A. Park, C. Y. Sant'Angelo, D. B. Denzin, L. K. The Paf oncogene is essential for hematopoietic stem cell function and development. J Exp Med, 208:1757-1765, . (PMID: 21844206, PMCID: PMC3171089)