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Patricia A. Findley, DrPH, MSW

Publications since 2011

Sambamoorthi, U. Ma, Y. Findley, P. A. Rust, G. Antidepressant use, depression, and new-onset diabetes among elderly Medicare beneficiaries. J Diabetes, 5:327-335, . (PMID: 23173757, PMCID: PMC3594455)

Ajmera, M. Shen, C. Pan, X. Findley, P. A. Rust, G. Sambamoorthi, U. Inhaled anticholinergic use and all-cause mortality among elderly Medicare beneficiaries with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis, 8:287-294, . (PMID: 23785232, PMCID: PMC3682815)

Ajmera, M. Wilkins, T. L. Findley, P. A. Sambamoorthi, U. Multimorbidity, Mental Illness, and Quality of Care: Preventable Hospitalizations among Medicare Beneficiaries. Int J Family Med, 2012:823294, . (PMID: 23320168, PMCID: PMC3539324)

Findley, P. A. Shen, C. Sambamoorthi, U. Depression Treatment Patterns among Elderly with Cancer. Depress Res Treat, 2012:676784, . (PMID: 22970357, PMCID: PMC3434374)

Plummer, S. B. Findley, P. A. Women with disabilities' experience with physical and sexual abuse: review of the literature and implications for the field. Trauma Violence Abuse, 13:15-29, . (PMID: 22070987)

Shaw, W. S. Findley, P. A. Feuerstein, M. Twenty years of multidisciplinary research and practice: the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation then and now. J Occup Rehabil, 21:449-454, . (PMID: 22065200)

Findley, P. Shen, C. Sambamoorthi, U. Multimorbidity and persistent depression among veterans with diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Health Soc Work, 36:109-119, . (PMID: 21661300)

Findley, P. A. Banerjea, R. Sambamoorthi, U. Excess mortality associated with mental illness and substance use disorders among veteran clinic users with spinal cord injury. Disabil Rehabil, 33:1608-1615, . (PMID: 21184627)