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Fang Liu, PhD

Publications since 2011

Andrade, D. Velinder, M. Singer, J. Maese, L. Bareyan, D. Nguyen, H. Chandrasekharan, M. B. Lucente, H. McClellan, D. Jones, D. Sharma, S. Liu, F. Engel, M. E. SUMOYLATION REGULATES GROWTH FACTOR INDEPENDENCE (GFI)-1 IN TRANSCRIPTIONAL CONTROL AND HEMATOPOIESIS. Mol Cell Biol, In process, . (PMID: 26951200)

Jeon, W. K. Choi, J. Park, S. J. Jo, E. J. Lee, Y. K. Lim, S. Kim, J. H. Letterio, J. J. Liu, F. Kim, S. J. Kim, B. C. The proinflammatory LTB4/BLT1 signal axis confers resistance to TGF-beta1-induced growth inhibition by targeting Smad3 linker region. Oncotarget, In process, . (PMID: 26497676)

Bae, E. Sato, M. Kim, R. J. Kwak, M. K. Naka, K. Gim, J. Kadota, M. Tang, B. Flanders, K. C. Kim, T. A. Leem, S. H. Park, T. Liu, F. Wakefield, L. M. Kim, S. J. Ooshima, A. Definition of Smad3 Phosphorylation Events That Affect Malignant and Metastatic Behaviors in Breast Cancer Cells. Cancer Res, 74:6139-6149, . (PMID: 25205100)

Wahler, J. So, J. Y. Kim, Y. C. Liu, F. Maehr, H. Uskokovic, M. Suh, N. Inhibition of the Transition of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ to Invasive Ductal Carcinoma by a Gemini Vitamin D Analog. Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 7:617-626, . (PMID: 24691501, PMCID: PMC4047145)

So, J. Y. Smolarek, A. K. Salerno, D. M. Maehr, H. Uskokovic, M. Liu, F. Suh, N. Targeting CD44-STAT3 Signaling by Gemini Vitamin D Analog Leads to Inhibition of Invasion in Basal-Like Breast Cancer. PLoS One, 8:e54020, . (PMID: 23326564, PMCID: PMC3543376)

Bae, E. Kim, S. J. Hong, S. Liu, F. Ooshima, A. Smad3 linker phosphorylation attenuates Smad3 transcriptional activity and TGF-beta1/Smad3-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in renal epithelial cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 427:593-599, . (PMID: 23022526)

Patsoukis, N. Brown, J. Petkova, V. Liu, F. Li, L. Boussiotis, V. A. Selective effects of PD-1 on Akt and Ras pathways regulate molecular components of the cell cycle and inhibit T cell proliferation. Sci Signal, 5:ra46, . (PMID: 22740686)

Mascareno, E. J. Belashov, I. Siddiqui, M. A. Liu, F. Dhar-Mascareno, M. Hexim-1 modulates androgen receptor and the TGF-beta signaling during the progression of prostate cancer. Prostate, 72:1035-1044, . (PMID: 22095517)

Mascareno, E. Galatioto, J. Rozenberg, I. Salciccioli, L. Kamran, H. Lazar, J. M. Liu, F. Pedrazzini, T. Siddiqui, M. A. Cardiac lineage protein-1 (CLP-1) regulates cardiac remodeling via transcriptional modulation of diverse hypertrophic and fibrotic responses and angiotensin II-transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta1) signaling axis. J Biol Chem, 287:13084-13093, . (PMID: 22308025, PMCID: PMC3339995)

Abushahba, W. Olabisi, O. O. Jeong, B. S. Boregowda, R. K. Wen, Y. Liu, F. Goydos, J. S. Lasfar, A. Cohen-Solal, K. A. Non-Canonical Smads Phosphorylation Induced by the Glutamate Release Inhibitor, Riluzole, through GSK3 Activation in Melanoma. PLoS One, 7:e47312, . (PMID: 23077590, PMCID: PMC3470581)

Cohen-Solal, K. A. Merrigan, K. T. Chan, J. L. Goydos, J. S. Chen, W. Foran, D. J. Liu, F. Lasfar, A. Reiss, M. Constitutive Smad linker phosphorylation in melanoma: a mechanism of resistance to transforming growth factor-beta-mediated growth inhibition. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res, 24:512-524, . (PMID: 21477078, PMCID: PMC3108265)

So, J. Y. Lee, H. J. Smolarek, A. K. Paul, S. Wang, C. X. Maehr, H. Uskokovic, M. Zheng, X. Conney, A. H. Cai, L. Liu, F. Suh, N. A novel Gemini vitamin D analog represses the expression of a stem cell marker CD44 in breast cancer. Mol Pharmacol, 79:360-367, . (PMID: 21115634, PMCID: PMC3061370)

Chang, X. Liu, F. Wang, X. Lin, A. Zhao, H. Su, B. The kinases MEKK2 and MEKK3 regulate transforming growth factor-beta-mediated helper T cell differentiation. Immunity, 34:201-212, . (PMID: 21333552, PMCID: PMC3073014)

Liu, F. Inhibition of Smad3 activity by cyclin D-CDK4 and cyclin E-CDK2 in breast cancer cells. Cell Cycle, 10:186, . (PMID: 21239878)

Holmes, A. B. Hawson, A. Liu, F. Friedman, C. Khiabanian, H. Rabadan, R. Discovering disease associations by integrating electronic clinical data and medical literature. PLoS One, 6:e21132, . (PMID: 21731656, PMCID: PMC3121722)