Researcher Profile

Edmund C. Lattime, PhD

Associate Director for Education and Training at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Professor of Surgery; and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
195 Little Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1914

Phone: (732) 235-8588

Assistant: Kathleen Semler
(732) 235-8355

Research Program Alignments

Membership Type: Full

Research Interests

  • Immunotherapy of solid tumors
  • Gene therapy of solid tumors
  • Tumor immunology
  • Cancer vaccines

Selected Publications

Gomella, L.G., Mastrangelo, M.J., McCue, P.A., Maguire, H.C. Jr., Mulholland, S.G., and Lattime, E.C. Phase I study of intravesical vaccinia virus as a vector for gene therapy of bladder cancer 2001, J. Urology 166(4):1291-5.

Yang, A.S. and Lattime, E.C. 2003 Tumor-induced IL-10 Suppresses the Ability of Splenic Dendritic Cells to Stimulate CD4 and CD8 T Cell Responses. Cancer Res. 63:2150-2157.

Yang, A.S. and Monken, C.E., and Lattime, E.C. 2003 Intratumoral vaccination with vaccinia expressed tumor antigen and GM-CSF overcomes immunological ignorance to tumor antigen. Cancer Research 63:6956-6961.

Strair, R.K., Schaar, D., Medina, D., Todd, M.B., Aisner, J., DiPaola, R.S., Manago, J., Knox, B., Jenkinson, A., Senzon, R., Baker, C., Dudek, L., Ciardella, M., Kuriyan, M., Rubin, A. and Lattime, E.C. 2003, Anti-neoplastic effects of partially HLA-matched irradiated blood mononuclear cells in patients with renal cell carcinoma, J. Clin., Oncol. 21:3785-3791..

DiPaola, R., Plante, M., Kaufman, H., Petrylak, D., Israeli, R., Lattime, E., Manson, K., Schuetz, T. 2006, A Phase I trial of pox PSA vaccines (PROSTVAC(R)-VF) with B7-1, ICAM-1, and LFA-3 co-stimulatory molecules (TRICOMtrade mark) in patients with prostate cancer, J. Transl. Med. 4:1-5.

Zhang, Z., Monken, C.E., Zhang, Y., Lenard, J., Mizushima, N., Lattime, E.C., Jin, S., 2006. Cellular autophagy machinery is not required for vaccinia virus replication and maturation, Autophagy 2:91-95.

Ge, R., Rajeev, V. Ray, P., Lattime, E.C., Rittling, S., Medicherla, S., Protter, A., Murphy, A., Chakravarty, J., Dugar, S., Schreiner, G., Barnard, N., and Reiss, M. 2006. Inhibition of growth and metastasis of mouse mammary carcinoma by selective inhibitor of transforming growth factor-b type I receptor kinase in-vivo. Clin. Cancer Research 12:4315-4330

Gabriel, E. and Lattime, E.C. 2007, Anti-CTLA-4: Are Regulatory T Cells a Target?. Clin. Cancer Research 13:785-788.

Nikitczuk, K.P., Lattime, E.C., Schloss, R.S. and Yarmush, M.L. 2011, Analysis of dendritic cell stimulation utilizing a multi-faceted nanopolymer delivery system and the immune modulator 1-methyl tryptophan Nano LIFE (in press).

Moloughney, J.G., Monken, C.E., Zhang, H., Thomas, J.D., Lattime, E.C., and Jin, S. Vaccinia virus leads to ATG12-ATG3 conjugation and deficiency in autophagosome formation (submitted).

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