Researcher Profile

Gyan Bhanot, PhD

Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry; and Physics
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Hill Center Building for the Mathematical Sciences
110 Frelinghuysen Road, Room 271, Busch Campus
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019

Phone: (848) 391-7508

Research Program Alignment

Membership Type: Full

Research Interests

  • The availability of high throughput data has created the exciting new field of systems biology which is changing the face of clinical care and leading to new advances in our understanding of the genetic and molecular underpinnings of phenotypic diversity and disease processes. My lab is focused on developing algorithms to extract novel information from such data sets. In cancer biology, we are trying to identify find biomarkers and biological mechanisms which pinpoint dysregulated pathways and mechanisms with the goal of developing panels for clinical risk profiling, identifying pharmaceutically relevant drug targets and improving clinical care. We work closely with surgeons and clinical oncologists in several hospitals in the US and abroad to ensure that our research is always focused on the patient and is relevant to improving clinical outcome. In population genetics, we are trying to understanding the interplay of selection, adaptation and population dynamics and the role of polymorphisms in complex disease processes and in the interconnected evolution of diverse organisms from viruses to mammals.

Selected Publications

Bilal E, Vassallo K, Toppmeyer D, Barnard N, Rye IH, Almendro V, Russnes H, Børresen-Dale A-L, Levine AJ, Bhanot G, Ganesan S. (2012)Amplified Loci on Chromosomes 8 and 17 Predict Early Relapse in ER-Positive Breast Cancers. PLoS ONE 7(6): e38575. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0038575.

Powell AA, Talasaz AH, Zhang H, Coram MA, Reddy A, Deng G, Telli ML, Advani RH, Carlson RW, Mollick JA, Sheth S, Kurian AW, Ford JM, Stockdale FE, Quake SR, Pease RF, Mindrinos MN, Bhanot G, Dairkee SH, Davis RW, Jeffrey SS. Single Cell Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells: Transcriptional Heterogeneity and Diversity from Breast Cancer Cell Lines. (2012) PLoS ONE 7(5): e33788. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0033788

Miles G, Seiler M, Rajagopal G, Bhanot G. Identifying microRNA/mRNA dysregulations in ovarian cancer. BMC Research Notes 2012, 5:164.

Toth M, Melentijevic I, Shah L, Bhatia A, Lu K, Talwar A, Naji H, Ibanez-Ventoso C, Ghose P, Jevince A, Xue J, Herndon L, Bhanot G, Rongo C, Hall D, Driscoll M. Neurite Sprouting and Synapse Deterioration in the Aging C. elegans Nervous System, J Neurosci. 2012 Jun 27;32(26):8778-90.

Pathak S, Rege M, Gogtay NJ, Aigal U, Sharma SK, Valecha N, Bhanot G, Kshirsagar NA, Sharma S. Age-Dependent Sex Bias in Clinical Malarial Disease in Hypoendemic Regions. PLoS ONE 2012, 7(4): e35592. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0035592

Miles G, Seiler M, Rodriguez L, Rajagopal G, Bhanot G. Identifying microRNA/mRNA dysregulations in ovarian cancer, BMC Research Notes 2012, 5:164.

Vermeer PD, Bell M, Lee K, Vermeer DW, Wieking BG, Bilal E, Bhanot G, Drapkin RI, Ganesan S, Klingelhutz AJ, Hendriks WJ, Lee JH, ErbB2, EphrinB1, Src Kinase and PTPN13 Signaling Complex Regulates MAP Kinase Signaling in Human Cancers, PLoS One. 2012;7(1):e30447. PMID:22279592.

Bilal E, Alexe G, Yao M, Cong L, Kulkarni A, Ginjala V, Toppmeyer D, Ganesan S, Bhanot G, Identification of the YES1 kinase as a therapeutic target in basal-like breast cancer, Genes & Cancer, October 2010; vol. 1, 10: 1063-73.

Reddy A, Huang CC, Liu H, DeLisi C, Nevalainen MT, Szalma S, Bhanot G, Robust gene network analysis Reveals alteration of STAT5a as a hallmark of prostate cancer, Genome Informatics 2010, Vol 24:139-53, PMID: 22081596.

Basavanhally A, Ganesan S, Agner S, Monaco J, Feldman M, Tomaszewski J, Bhanot G, Madabhushi A, Computerized Image-Based Detection and Grading of Lymphocytic Infiltration in HER2+ Breast Cancer Histopathology, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (2010), Volume 57, Issue: 3, Pages: 642-653, PubMed: 19884074

Liu H, Brannon AR, Reddy A, Alexe G, Seiler M, Arreola A, Oza J, Yao M, Juan D, Liou L, Ganesan S, Levine AJ, Rathmell WK, Bhanot G. Identifying direct mRNA targets of microRNA dysregulated in cancer: with application to clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. BMC Systems Biology 2010, 4:51. PMCID: PMC2876063.

Fatakdawala H, Xu J, Basavanhally A, Bhanot G, Ganesan S, Feldman M, Tomaszewski J, Madabhushi A. Expectation Maximization driven Geodesic Active Contour with Overlap Resolution (EMaGACOR): Application to Lymphocyte Segmentation on Breast Cancer Histopathology. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 57:1676-1689, 2010. PMID: 20172780

Brannon AR, Reddy A, Seiler M, Arreola A, Moore DT, Pruthi RS, Wallen EM, Nielsen ME, Liu H, Ljungberg B, Zhao H, Brooks JD, Nathanson KL, Ganesan S, Bhanot G, Rathmell WK. Molecular Stratification of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma by Consensus Clustering Reveals Distinct Subtypes and Survival Patterns. Genes and Cancer 2010, 1(2):152–63. PMID: 20871783, PMCID: PMC2943630

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