Researcher Profile

Zhiyuan Shen, MD, PhD

Co-Leader, Genomic Instability and Tumor Progression Research Program
Professor of Radiation Oncology and Pharmacology
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
195 Little Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1914

Phone: (732) 235-6101

Assistant: Odalis Sanchez
(732) 235-7595

Research Program Alignments

Membership Type: Full

Research Interests

  • Genomic Instability
  • DNA Repair
  • Cell Cycle Checkpoint
  • Radiation Biology
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Experimental Therapeutics

Selected Publications

Huang Y-Y, Lu H, Liu S, Droz-Rosario R, Shen Z. (2012) Requirement of Mouse BCCIP for Neural Development and Progenitor Proliferation. PLoS ONE 7(1): e30638. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0030638, pages 1-12.

Yue J, Lu H, Liu J, Berwick M, and Shen Z. (2012) Filamin-A as a marker and target for DNA damage based cancer therapy. DNA Repair (Amst). 11(2):192-200 (Epub 2011 Nov 2).

Yue J, Lan S, Yuan C, and Shen Z.  (2012) Prognostic Values of Filamin-A Status for Topoisomerase II Poison Chemotherapy. International Journal of Biological Sciences. 8(4):442-50. (Epub 2012 Feb 29).

Lu H, Huang Y, Droz-Rosario R, Liu J, Bhaumik M, White E, and Shen Z. (2011) Essential Roles of BCCIP in Mouse Embryonic Development and Structural Stability of Chromosomes. PLoS Genet 7 (9): e1002291. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1002291, Pages: 1-18.

Shen Z (2011) Genomic instability and cancer: an introduction (Editorial). J Mol Cell Biol 3: 1-3.

Zhu H, Yue J, Pan Z, Wu H, Cheng Y, Lu H, Ren X, Yao M, Shen Z, and Yang JM (2010) Involvement of Caveolin-1 in Repair of DNA Damage through Both Homologous Recombination and Non-Homologous End Joining. PLoS ONE 5(8): e12055. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0012055.

Yue J, Wang Q, Lu H, Brenneman M, Fan F, and Shen Z. (2009) The Cytoskeleton Protein Filamin-A Is Required for an Efficient Recombinational DNA Double Strand Break Repair. Cancer Research. 69:7978-7985 (Epub 2009 Oct 6).

Liu J, Lu H, Ohgaki H, Merlo A, and Shen Z. (2009) Alterations of BCCIP, a BRCA2 interacting protein, in astrocytomas. BMC Cancer. 9:268 (8 pages).

Fan J, Wray J, Meng X, and Shen Z. (2009) BCCIP is required for the nuclear localization of the p21 protein. Cell Cycle. 15;8(18):3019-24.

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Wray J, Liu J, Nickoloff JA, and Shen Z. (2008) Distinct RAD51 Associations with RAD52 and BCCIP in Response to DNA Damage and Replication Stress. Cancer Research, 68(8): 2699-2707.

Meng X, Yue J, Liu Z, and Shen Z. (2007) Abrogation of the Transactivation Activity of p53 by BCCIP Down-regulation, J. Biol. Chem. (E-publication on 2006-Nov-29-2006); 282(3): 1570-1576.

Meng X, Fan J, and Shen Z. (2007) Roles of BCCIP in Chromosome Stability and Cytokinesis. Oncogene  (E-publication on Apr-23-2007); 26(43): 6253-6260.

Lu H, Yue J, Meng X, Nickoloff JA, and Shen Z. (2007) BCCIP Regulates Homologous Recombination by Distinct Domains, and Suppresses Spontaneous DNA Damage. Nucleic Acid Research, 35: 7160-7170.

Shen Z, and Nickoloff JA. (2007) Mammalian Homologous Recombination Repair and Cancer Intervention. In DNA Repair, Genetic Instability, and Cancer, Chapter 5, pp119-156. Editors: Wei Q, Li L, and Chen DJ. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore. 

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