Researcher Profile

Patrick J. Sinko, PhD, RPh

Associate Vice President for Research; Parke-Davis Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Professor II of Pharmaceutics
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

William Levine Hall
160 Frelinghuysen Road, Room 225C
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8020

Phone: (848) 445-6398

Research Program Alignment

Membership Type: Full

Research Interests

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Drug metabolism
  • Bioavailability of chemicals
  • Mathematical modeling

Selected Publications

Su, Y.M., P.D. Hu, S.H. Lee, and P.J. Sinko, Using novobiocin as a specific inhibitor of breast cancer resistant protein to assess the role of transporter in the absorption and disposition of topotecan. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2007. 10(4): p. 519-536. (PMID 18261372)

Su, Y.M., X.P. Zhang, and P.J. Sinko, Exploitation of drug-induced Bcl-2 overexpression for restoring normal apoptosis function: A promising new approach to the treatment of multidrug resistant cancer. Cancer Letters, 2007. 253(1): p. 115-123

Vortherms, A.R., R.P. Doyle, D. Gao, O. Debrah, and P.J. Sinko, Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro assay of folic acid conjugates of 3 '-azido-3 '-deoxythymidine (AZT): Toward targeted AZT based anticancer therapeutics. Nucleosides Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids, 2008. 27(2): p. 173-185 (PMCID: PMC2729114).

Chao, P., M. Deshmukh, H.L. Kutscher, D.Y. Gao, S.S. Rajan, P. Hu, D.L. Laskin, S. Stein, and P.J. Sinko, Pulmonary targeting microparticulate camptothecin delivery system: anticancer evaluation in a rat orthotopic lung cancer model. Anti-Cancer Drugs, 2010. 21(1): p. 65-76. (PMID 19966540)

Deshmukh, M., P. Chao, H.L. Kutscher, D. Gao, P.J. Sinko, A series of α-Amino acid ester prodrugs of camptothecin: In vitro hydrolysis and A549 human lung carcinoma cell cytotoxicity. J. Med. Chem., 2010. 53(3): p. 1038-1047. (PMID 20063889)

Singh, Y., D. Gao, Z. Gu, S. Li, S. Stein, P. J. Sinko, Noninvasive Detection of Passively Targeted Poly(ethylene glycol) Nanocarriers in Tumors. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2011, 9(1): p.144-155. (PMCID: PMC3257802)

Singh, Y., D. Gao, Z. Gu, S. Li, K. A. Rivera, S. Stein, S. Love, P. J. Sinko. Influence of Molecular Size on the Retention of Polymeric Nanocarrier Diagnostic Agents in Breast Ducts. Pharmaceutical Research. 2012 DOI: 10.1007/s11095-012-0763-z. (PMID: 22569800)

Ibrahim, S., D. Gao, P. J. Sinko. Selective Cytotoxicity and Combined Effects of Camptothecin or Paclitaxel with Sodium-R-Alpha Lipoate on A549 Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells. Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal. Accepted September 2012


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