Researcher Profile

Randy S. Strich, PhD

Full Member, Cancer Metabolism and Growth Program

Member since 2012

Academic Appointment

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
School of Osteopathic Medicine
Rowan University

Research Interests

  • Cyclin C-Cdk8 is a conserved transcriptional regulator that associates with the RNA polymerase II mediator complex. In response to stress, cyclin C (but not Cdk8) translocates from the nucleus to the mitochondria where it associates with the fission machinery. This process is conserved from yeast to man. Mitochondrial localization of cyclin C is required for both the extensive fission observed in stressed cells and efficient execution of programmed cell death. Our model is that cyclin C represents a stress-activated messenger that triggers hyperfission and loss of mitochondrial outer membrane permeability, two processes associated with programmed cell death. Loss of cyclin C activity protects both yeast and mammalian cells from oxidative stress and anti-cancer drug induced cell death. These findings, in combination with the loss of the cyclin C locus in many primary cancers, formally suggests that cyclin C represents a new tumor suppressor gene. This model is currently being tested using both cell culture models and our newly generated cyclin C knockout mouse.

Selected Publications

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