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Beckman-Coulter Cytomics FC500 Flow Cytometer (New Brunswick): This is a user-friendly analytical instrument with a blue (488 nm) argon laser and a red (640 nm) helium-neon laser that permit simultaneous measurement of five different fluorescent probes. This instrument is used for routine multiparameter analysis of DNA content, cell cycle, immunofluorescence, apoptosis, green fluorescence protein expression, oxidative metabolism and phagocytosis.

BD Biosciences Influx High Speed Cell Sorter (New Brunswick): This open-architecture, high-speed cell sorter allows rapid separation of large numbers of specific cell populations with high purity, recovery, and yield. Using up to 4 different lasers, cell sorting is based on acquisition of up to 14 parameters, including 12 fluorescence parameters. These solid-state lasers provide the ability to detect an array of fluorophores.  The Influx can sort cells aseptically at rates up to 20,000 cells per second, or higher (upper limit of 200,000 events/sec), depending on the cell size and type. In addition, four different subpopulations can be collected simultaneously. The optical detection system has interchangeable filters for custom applications, allowing optimization to the needs of researchers. Cells can be sorted into various configurations of collection vessels, including most automated single-cell sorting into almost any type of plate configuration, including custom layouts. The Influx is enclosed in a class II-certified biohazard containment cabinet allowing for safe sorting of human and primate cells. The system can be easily sterilized for aseptic sorting. Additionally, for specialty applications, the entire sample handling system can be removed and autoclaved or exchanged for a new gamma irradiated unit.

BD Biosciences LSRII w/ HTS Analyzer (Princeton): This user friendly five-laser fixed alignment bench top flow cytometer is equipped with 355, 405, 488, 561 and 640nm laser excitation sources.  It is capable of up to 14-color simultaneous detection of a wide-variety of fluorochromes.  It is equipped to run individual tubes or 96- and 384-well plates with the high-throughput sampling (HTS) automated microsampler.

BD Biosciences FACSVantage w/ DiVa (Princeton): This is a three laser cell sorting system with advanced digital acquisition (DiVa) technology.  It features tunable laser excitation sources (ultraviolet, 488, 568 and 647nm lines are most commonly utilized) that allow for the excitation of a wide variety of fluorochromes.  It is capable of up to 10 parameter (8-color) acquisition and has interchangeable filters for custom applications.  The FACSVantage performs sterile cell sorting into up to four tubes simultaneously or into a variety of multi-well plates, including the sorting of single cells into 96-well culture plates or PCR tube plates..

Bio-Rad Laboratories S3e Cell Sorter (Princeton): This two-laser (488 & 561nm), four-color, user-friendly benchtop cell sorting system is capable of 6-parameter simultaneous acquisition.  It is very useful for the isolation of cells expressing fluorescent protein reporters such as GFP, YFP, mRFP, mCherry, etc.  It can sort into two tubes or 8-well strip plates.  This system has automated alignment, sort setup, and fluidics level monitoring features that allow for independent use by trained students and research staff.

Union Biometrica COPAS BioSort (Princeton): This large particle cytometer is capable of analyzing, sorting and dispensing cells and organisms 40-175microns in size.  It is optimal for use with all stages of C. elegans nematodes.  It features a 488nm laser excitation source with five parameter (3-color) acquisition; a ReFlx system for sampling directly from 96-well plates; and a Profiler II option that allows for the spatial mapping of fluorescence signals along the length of the organism.


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