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Sunita G. Kramer, PhD

Publications since 2011

Asadzadeh, J. Neligan, N. Canabal-Alvear, J. J. Daly, A. C. Kramer, S. G. Labrador, J. P. The Unc-5 Receptor Is Directly Regulated by Tinman in the Developing Drosophila Dorsal Vessel. PLoS One, 10:e0137688, . (PMID: 26356221)

Swope, D. Kramer, J. King, T. R. Cheng, Y. S. Kramer, S. G. Cdc42 is required in a genetically distinct subset of cardiac cells during drosophila dorsal vessel closure. Dev Biol, 392:221-232, . (PMID: 24949939)

Macabenta, F. D. Jensen, A. G. Cheng, Y. S. Kramer, J. J. Kramer, S. G. Frazzled/DCC facilitates cardiac cell outgrowth and attachment during Drosophila dorsal vessel formation. Dev Biol, 380:233-242, . (PMID: 23685255)

Soplop, N. H. Cheng, Y. S. Kramer, S. G. Roundabout is required in the visceral mesoderm for proper microvillus length in the hindgut epithelium. Dev Dyn, 241:759-769, . (PMID: 22334475, PMCID: PMC3433724)