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Researcher Publications

Wei-Xing Zong, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Bott AJ, Shen J, Tonelli C, Zhan L, Sivaram N, Jiang YP, Yu X, Bhatt V, Chiles E, Zhong H, Maimouni S, Dai W, Velasquez S, Pan JA, Muthalagu N, Morton J, Anthony TG, Feng H, Lamers WH, Murphy D, Guo JY, Jin J, Crawford HC, Zhang L, White E, Lin RZ, Su X, Tuveson D, and Zong WX. Glutamine anabolism plays a critical role in pancreatic cancer by coupling carbon and nitrogen metabolism. Cell Rep 29:1287-1298. PMID: 31665640
  2. Pan JA, Sun Y, Jiang YP, Bott AJ, Jaber N, Dou Z, Yang B, Chen JS, Catanzaro JM, Du C, Ding WX, Diaz-Meco MT, Moscat J, Ozato K, Lin RZ, and Zong WX. 2016. TRIM21 ubiquitylates SQSTM1/p62 and suppresses protein sequestration to regulate redox homeostasis. Mol Cell 61: 720-733. “Featured Article”. PMID: 26942676
  3. Zong WX, Rabinowitz JD, and White E. 2016. Mitochondria and cancer. Mol Cell 61: 667-676. PMID: 26942671
  4. Bott AJ, Peng IC (co-first author),FanY, FaubertB, ZhaoL, LiJ, NeidlerS, SunY, JaberN, KrokudD, Lu W, Rabinowitz J, HatzoglouM, PowersS, MurphyDJ, JonesR, WuS, GirnunG, and Zong WX. 2015. Myc induces expression of glutamine synthetase through thymine DNA glycosylase-mediated promoter demethylation. Cell Metab 22:1068-1077. PMID: 26603296
  5. Catanzaro JM, Sheshadri N (co-first author), Pan JA, Shi C, Li J, Powers RS, Crawford HC, and Zong WX. 2014. Oncogenic Ras induces cytokine production by up-regulating squamous cell carcinoma antigens SerpinB3/B4. Nat Commun. 5:3729. PMID: 24759783
  6. Dou Z, Pan JA, Dbouk HA, Ballou LM, DeLeon JL, Fan YJ, Chen JS, Liang Z, Li G, Backer JM, Lin RZ, and Zong WX. 2013. Class IA PI3-kinase p110β subunit promotes autophagy through Rab5 small GTPase in response to trophic factor limitation. Mol Cell 50:29-42. PMID: 23434372
  7. Jaber N, Dou Z, Chen JS, Catanzaro JM, Jiang YP, Ballou LM, Selinger E, Ouyang X, Lin RZ, Zhang J, and Zong WX. 2012. Class III PI3K Vps34 plays an essential role in autophagy and in heart and liver function. Proc Nat Acad Sci, USA109:2003-2008. PMID: 22308354
  8. Dou Z, Chattopadhyay M, Pan JA, Guerriero JL, Jiang YP, Ballou LM, Yue Z, Lin RZ, and Zong WX. 2010. The Class IA phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase p110β subunit is a positive regulator of autophagy. J Cell Biol 191:827-843. PMID: 21059846

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