Show Up Initiative

The Show Up Initiative is a series of portraits and personal stories from peer-nominated honorees who exemplify Rutger’s Cancer Institute inclusive core values by continually showing up for their patients, peers, and community. Their presence and voices throughout the hallways of 195 Little Albany represent the myriad of cultures, skillsets, and professions we have within our team that all positively contribute to the shared mission of conquering cancer.


2023 Show Up Honorees

Andrea Coney
Anna Mitarotondo
Antara Biswas
Bing Xia
Bo Qin
Carolina Lozada
Coral Omene
Dina Chionchio
Elisa Bandera
Estuardo Alvarez
Gina Londino-Greenberg

Glaucia Dos Santos-Vaccaro
Hamza Habib
Huimei Lu
James Varlow
Janet Lasin
Jenni Bejarano
Jennifer Torres
Joseph Miktus
Judis Peralta
Kimyatta Washington
Maria Kowzun
Melissa Randazzo

Nur Zeinomar
Richard Alexander
Rose Slirzewski
Shaun Greene
Sophia Jenkins
Stephanie Beers
Sunita Chaudhary
Thomas Jang
Tiffany Niven
Tina Mayer
Vanessa Johnson
Willetta Boswell