Montagna Laboratory - Employment Opportunities

Positions Available

Postdoctoral positions are available under the mentorship of Dr. Cristina Montagna in the Division of Radiation Cancer Biology at the Department of Radiation Oncology, to study mechanisms of genomic instability in mammalian systems. Projects focus on the contribution of genomic instability in the form of aneuploidies, single-nucleotide variants (SNVs) and small insertions and deletions (INDELs) to early transformation and progression to tumorigenesis. The area of expertise of the laboratory is molecular cytogenetics and single cell genomics. Genomics studies are conducted in conjunction with evaluation of biological endpoints to establish the functional impact of genomic instability to tumor initiation.

Ideal candidates should be recent PhD graduates with strong background in molecular biology and trainings in cell & and/or cancer biology as evidenced by a publication record consistent with their career level. Effective communication skills in oral and written English and proficiency in common computer applications are required. Documented experience in molecular cytogenetics and chromosome instability are preferred but not required. Highly motivated PhD candidates with interest in cancer biology and genomic instability will be able to carve thesis dissertation projects in the above defined areas of interest. Students interested in applying and or developing analytical tools to the type of genomic data generated in the laboratory are welcomed.

Housed in the Rutgers Cancer Institute, the Montagna lab is located at a vibrant and interdisciplinary basic/translational/clinical research facility in New Brunswick, NJ. Postdocs have abundant opportunities to interact with a vast research community offered by Rutgers campuses and participate in various career trainings and activities. New Brunswick has a convenient access to major scientific hubs such as New York city and Philadelphia.

Positions are currently available. For interested candidates, please send CV to