Potential Benefits and Risks of Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

Understanding the Potential Benefits

Patients who volunteer to take part in a clinical trial will get the best treatment for their cancer.  They may also get a new type of medicine that is only available to patients who join the trial.  If a patient agrees to take part in a clinical trial, there may be direct medical benefit to them.  Patients who take part in clinical trials are watched very closely by their healthcare team. They learn as much as possible about the treatment and how patients respond to it.  This may mean extra tests and doctor visits.  Patients have a chance to help others with cancer and improve cancer care.

Understanding the Potential Risks

Clinical trials may not work for every patient since everyone is different.  While on the clinical study, patients may have side effects.  There are usually side effects for any cancer treatment, including the treatment given in a clinical trial.  Many side effects go away shortly after the treatment is stopped, but in some cases side effects can be serious.  Patients should always talk to their doctor about side effects they experience.

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