Payne Laboratory - People

Current Lab Members

Kyle Kristopher Payne, PhD – Principle Investigator

Hima Doshi – Administrative Research Associate

Rinkee Kumari, PhD – American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow; Tumor Immunology

Elaheh Hosseini – PhD Student; Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Maria Søgaard – PhD Student; Biochemistry

Christopher Alcott – PhD Student; Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Steven Wang – Senior Research Technician

Lomaani Ranasinghe – Research Technician

Zachary Smith – Undergraduate Research Intern

Akil Anthony – Undergraduate Research Intern


Former Lab Members

Kristen Warrington – Research Associate III (2021-2023)
Current Position – PhD student – Rutgers University; Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution

Tyler Milonas – Research Teaching Specialist IV (2021-2023)Current Position – Graduate Student - Rutgers University; Master of Business and Science Degree Program

Ritika Jain – Undergraduate Research Intern (2023)
Current Position – Harvard University; Research Associate


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Payne Laboratory Staff