Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry - Services & Requests

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To request services at the Rutgers site, please visit the IMFC SR iLab page.


Immune Monitoring Services:

  • Consultation for immune assay design and clinical trials.
  • Cytokine analysis using the Luminex-200 platform, which can detect up to 65 protein analytes.
  • Real-Time Cell Analysis (RTCA), uses label-free cellular impedance (xCELLigence) to evaluate the interaction of Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T cells (CAR-T cells) and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) with tumor cells, providing additional information about tumor escape and immune cell exhaustion.
  • Multiplex gene expression analysis (NanoString nCounter Max) in humans or mice with 770 genes from different immune cell types, common checkpoint inhibitors, circulating tumor antigens, and genes covering adaptive and innate immune responses.
  • 10X Single Cell RNA Sequencing (Chromium Controller) service offers sample preparation, capture of single cells, and the preparation of barcoded cDNA libraries which is used to enable the identification of tumor-associated immune cell populations.


Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Services:

The IMFC SR is a 24x7 flow cytometry and cell sorting facility providing:

  • Full spectrum flow cytometry (Cytek Aurora) with 4 lasers, 34 detectors, vacuum fluidics, small particle detection using Violet laser SSC, and capable of 40+ color detection. The Aurora system's implementation of full-spectrum cytometry enables autofluorescence extraction to improve data clarity, which is critical for immune cells isolated from tumor tissues.
  • Two advanced, high throughput, acoustic focusing, benchtop flow cytometers (Attune NxT) equipped with 4 laser/14 color and 3 laser/11 color configurations operating on Attune NxT software for data acquisition and analysis.
  • Hi-dimensional data analysis tools (Astrolabe, tSNE, UMAP, TriMAP, Flow-SOM, etc.)
  • Full-spectrum profiling along with high-speed up to 6-way sorting (Cytek Aurora Sorter), customizable nozzle settings and sort modes, automated drop delay, and sort stream monitoring.
  • Staff-assisted cell sorting (bulk and single-cell), human and primary mouse cells, cell lines, exosomes, and nuclei sorting. Sorters are capable of up to 4 and 6-way sorts.


Last updated 01/24/2023