Tobacco Dependence Program

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Quitting is hard. 

The experts at our program understand that quitting is not easy. We know that smoking gets your body hooked on tobacco. When you try to stop, you can feel nervous, tense, moody, sad, hungry, and have cravings. These feelings make it very hard to quit, but with our support you can beat these feelings and quit for good!

Reasons to quit:

• Look and feel healthier
• Set an example
• Live longer
• Breathe easier
• Smile brighter
• Save money
• Have more energy
• Gain more control of your life

We can help.

We see people quit smoking every day. You can quit, too! The care we give is proven to raise your chances of quitting.

About the Tobacco Dependence Program

The Tobacco Dependence Program at the Rutgers Center for Tobacco Studies is partially supported by Rutgers Cancer Institute.

What can you expect from the program?

  • Meet with trained experts
  • Learn about tools that can help you quit
  • Make an individualized plan that works for you

Reasons to come see us:

• You want to quit
• You are thinking of quitting
• You quit a short time ago and want to maintain
• Your doctor told you to quit
• You want to help a loved one

Your plan can include:

  • One-on-one support
  • Group support
  • Nicotine medicines (patch, gum, inhaler, spray, lozenge)
  • Other medicines (Chantix, Zyban, Wellbutrin)

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  • Clinical Academic Building,  125 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, NJ
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute, 195 Little Albany Street, New Brunswick, NJ