Heckman Research Program

Dr. Heckman's research program primarily focuses on developing, evaluating and disseminating innovative interventions to improve cancer risk and risk-reduction behaviors, with an emphasis on skin cancer prevention and tobacco use and cessation. 


This lab has been funded by the following:

  1. NIH, R01CA265548, MPI with Sharon Manne, A digital intervention to improve skin self-examination among melanoma survivors. 4/1/22-3/31/27.
  2. NIH, R01 CA260831, MPI with Mike Steinberg and Irina Stepanov, Evaluating Cigarette Relighting Behavior: Prevalence, Correlates, Toxicant Exposure, and Implications for Cessation, 2/10/22-2/9/26.
  3. NIH, R01CA244370, MPI with Dave Buller, A Multi-Level Investigation of US Indoor Tanning Policy Enactment, Implementation, Compliance, Impact, and Economics, 6/1/20-5/31/25.
  4. NIH, R01 CA204271, Modifying Young Adult Skin Cancer Risk and Protective Behaviors (UV4.me2): A Hybrid Type 2 Dissemination/Effectiveness Trial, 12/2016-11/2023.