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Shen Laboratory - Select Publications

  1. Roberto Droz-Rosario, Huimei Lu, Jingmei Liu, NingAng Liu, Shridar Ganesan, Bing Xia, Bruce G. Haffty, and Zhiyuan Shen. Roles of BCCIP deficiency in mammary tumorigenesis. Breast Cancer Research 2017, 19:115.
  2. Huhn SC, Liu J, Ye C, Lu H, Jiang X, Feng X, Ganesan S, White E, Shen Z. Regulation of spindle integrity and mitotic fidelity by BCCIPOncogene 2017 Apr 10.; doi: 10.1038/onc.2017.92.
  3. Ba Q, Li X, Huang C, Li J, Fu Y, Chen P, Duan J, Hao M, Zhang Y, Li J, Sun C, Ying H, Song H, Zhang R, Shen Z, Wang H. BCCIPbeta modulates the ribosomal and extraribosomal function of S7 through a direct interactionJournal of molecular cell biology 2017;9:209-19
  4. Anantha RW, Simhadri S, Foo TK, Miao S, Liu J, Shen Z, Ganesan S, Xia B. Functional and mutational landscapes of BRCA1 for homology-directed repair and therapy resistanceElife 2017;6
  5. Zhang C, Liu J, Huang G, Zhao Y, Yue X, Wu H, Li J, Zhu J, Shen Z, Haffty BG, Hu W, Feng Z. Cullin3-KLHL25 ubiquitin ligase targets ACLY for degradation to inhibit lipid synthesis and tumor progressionGenes & development 2016;30:1956-70
  6. Hong X, Liu W, Song R, Shah JJ, Feng X, Tsang CK, Morgan KM, Bunting SF, Inuzuka H, Zheng XF, Shen Z, Sabaawy HE, Liu L, Pine SR. SOX9 is targeted for proteasomal degradation by the E3 ligase FBW7 in response to DNA damageNucleic acids research 2016;44:8855-69
  7. Wei L, Nakajima S, Bohm S, Bernstein KA, Shen Z, Tsang M, Levine AS, Lan L. DNA damage during the G0/G1 phase triggers RNA-templated, Cockayne syndrome B-dependent homologous recombinationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2015;112:E3495-504
  8. Yu H, Yue X, Zhao Y, Li X, Wu L, Zhang C, Liu Z, Lin K, Xu-Monette ZY, Young KH, Liu J, Shen Z, Feng Z, Hu W. LIF negatively regulates tumour-suppressor p53 through Stat3/ID1/MDM2 in colorectal cancersNature communications 2014;5:5218
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  13. Shen Z. Cancer biomarkers and targeted therapiesCell Biosci 2013;3:6  
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  23. Rewari A, Lu H, Parikh R, Yang Q, Shen Z, Haffty BG. BCCIP as a prognostic marker for radiotherapy of laryngeal cancerRadiother Oncol 2009;90:183-8 
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