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The CPODS SR supports data collection and management of diverse research projects, including epidemiologic studies (e.g., case-control, cohort, and research registries), randomized controlled trials of behavioral, psychosocial, or other interventions, and cross-sectional surveys and qualitative studies. Our services include:

Consultation, Education, and Training

  • Consultation on the design and development of surveys, interview guides, and interventions
  • Training of study personnel to use the cloud-based software solution
  • Ongoing consultation and assistance with the cloud-based software solution

Participant Recruitment and Tracking

  • Assistance with the identification of target sample populations and cases
  • Participant recruitment (via mail, email, SMS, web-based, in-person)
  • Bilingual staff available for recruitment of Spanish-speaking participants
  • Customizable study databases for the tracking of participant recruitment and retention

Project Management

  • Automated research study management tools
  • Longitudinal workflow automation

Survey Data Collection and Management

  • Electronic data collection (e.g., mobile and online surveys)
  • Paper survey design and automated scanning to facilitate data entry and processing
  • Coordination of translation of surveys and multi-lingual data collection

Qualitative Data Collection, Management, and Analysis

  • In-person, telephone, or web-based data collection of focus groups, key informants, and depth interviews
  • Coordination of translation and transcription of audio recordings
  • Qualitative coding, preparation of themes, and analysis using Atlas software


Last updated 01/20/2023