The Resource Room

In the Resource Room, a library professional is available to help you fulfill your information needs. We can provide you with materials on topics such as cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, symptom management, end-of-life care, nutrition, clinical trials, support, caregiving, alternative and complementary therapies, emotional health and wellbeing, and family care issues. You can also find out more about the cancer services offered at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. As well as one-to-one assistance, internet access is available for health research. 

Find out what we've added most recently to the library. When available, click on the title's link to learn more about each book.

The Resource Room offers:

  • Computers with access to online resources and credible health websites.
  • Consumer health books, magazines, brochures and newsletters.
  • Interactive computer programs and CD-ROMs on specific types of cancers.
  • Health education DVDs.
  • Medical reference books.
  • Spanish language material.
  • Children's books.
  • Portable DVD players and recreational DVDs.
  • Playaway devices and CDs for relaxation.
  • iPads for games, movies, music and internet.


Latest Additions to the Library


Coloring outside the lines : surviving and thriving with cancer for 30+ years (2023) by Jan Adrian. This memoir describes how the author survived and thrived through cancer.

The complete guide to breast reconstruction : choosing the best options after your mastectomy (2013) by Kathy Steligo. This updated edition provides comprehensive information on mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

The breast cancer survival manual (2023) by John Link, MD. Find essential updates on treatment and care for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dr. Susan Love's breast book (2023) by Susam M. Love, MD. Now in its seventh edition, the Breast Book has been fully revised to incorporate the most recent developments in prevention, treatments and research.

Open heart warrior spirit : a man's guide to living with cancer (2023) by Trevor Maxwell. Written by the founder of Man Up to Cancer, the book explores the reasons why men go into their "man caves" when facing a cancer diagnosis; provides tips on how to pull them out of that dangerous isolation; and tells the story of the author's quest to stay alive and create a "wolfpack" for guys with cancer.

Dr. Patrick Walsh's guide to surviving prostate cancer (2003) by Patrick C. Walsh et al. This revised prostate cancer guide covers everything from potential causes, diets, and diagnostic tests to curative treatment and innovative means of controlling advanced stages of cancer.

Living a healthy life with chronic conditions (2020) by Kate Lorig, DrPH et al. Learn self-management tools for living with a chronic condition. There is a companion exercise guide and CD.

Mindfulness-based cancer recovery (2010) by Linda E. Carlson, PhD and Michael Speca, PsyD. This book teaches mindfulness-based stress reduction skills you can use during cancer treatment and recovery.

Pill power : a pharmacist's guide to vitamins and supplements (2023) by Jamie Martinez, PharmD. Offers valuable insights on deciphering labels, understanding dosages, and distinguishing between evidence-based claims and marketing hype.

Relaxation for mind and body (2012) by Catherine Regan, PhD and Rick Seidel, PhD. The exercises on this CD will help you achieve deep relaxation.

The story you need to tell : writing to heal from trauma, illness, or loss (2017) by Sandra Marinella. A practical and inspiring guide to transformational personal storytelling.


February 2024