Faculty Listening Circles

In June 2022, 26 faculty of Rutgers Cancer Institute met with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and restorative justice experts in guided listening circles to assess how an individual’s race, ethnicity, and gender impact their experience within the organization.

Participants were grouped and data were gathered through live focus groups and survey.

7 pairs of stick figure people in a row illustrating participant groups. in order from left to right the pairs illustrate all rank black all gender, junior person of color woman, junior person of color man, junior white woman, junior white man, senior person of color all gender, senior white all gender

Approximately 13% of the faculty participated in their respective caucus space

Diversifying Our Environment Would Bring:

  • New and different perspectives and strategies for approaching problems
  • Enhanced research through diverse contributions
  • More trust from patients if providers looked like them
  • A sense that this is a place where I belong and can be seen and safe
  • A stronger system and institution as a whole

Recommendations of Action:

Establish DEI Steering Committee to address Rutgers Cancer Institute’s challenge of colorblindness

Develop a common language for Rutgers Cancer Institute through DEI trainings

Organize affinity groups and community cultural events to reduce siloed and transactional environment