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Senior Faculty Director: Christian Hinrichs, MD

Managing Director: Ankit Saxena, PhD



Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (IMFC SR) provides state-of-the-art immune monitoring services for clinical and translational studies to characterize the immune system. IMFC SR is a 24 X 7 Flow cytometry instrumentation facility providing multiparametric spectral (up to 34 colors) and conventional flow cytometry (14 colors) assay design and hi-dimensional data analysis tools (Astrolabe, tSNE, UMAP, TriMAP, Flow-SOM, etc.). We offer staff-assisted cell sorting (bulk and single-cell), human and primary mouse cells, cell lines, exosomes, and nuclei sorting. Sorters are capable of up to 4 and 6-way sort. For cytokine analysis, we offer the Luminex-200 platform (which can detect up to 65 protein analytes), xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) assay, and sample processing (tumor tissue, whole blood, serum, and plasma). We provide consultation for assay design and clinical trials.
All Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry services are offered though iLab




"Services, results and/or products in support of the research project were generated by the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Shared Resource, supported, in part, with funding from NCI-CCSG P30CA072720-5921."

Please consider including the names of individuals from the shared resource if they provided any intellectual input or additional effort.

NIH Public Access Policy: Publications that result from services provided by this Shared Resource must be compliant with the NIH Public Access policy by submitting your paper to PubMed Central. Go to: https://publicaccess.nih.gov/submit_process.htm for PubMed Central's methods submission instructions.  

If you require additional guidance on how to properly acknowledge a single shared resource or multiple shared resources you may contact Janet Bandoy, Shared Resource Coordinator.


Last updated 07/01/2022