Brain Tumors - Child

American Brain Tumor Association - The American Brain Tumor Association exists to eliminate brain tumors through research and to meet the needs of brain tumor patients and their families. Here you will find a wealth of information on brain tumors for adults and children.

American Cancer Society: Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors in Children - The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.
Also in Spanish.

The Beez Foundation - The Beez Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization which raises money and public awareness to cure brain cancer thru research, public awareness and related support activities for pediatric cancer treatment.

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation - The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation was founded by families, friends and physicians of children with brain tumors. Here you can read articles written for the Foundation, read personal stories or access an online newsletter.

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation - This site strives to provide information and resources to assist you in accessing expert care to ensure quality of life for the child in your life with a brain or spinal cord tumor. If your child needs surgery, the section on hospital stays may help.

CureSearch: Brain Tumors in Children - The is a non-profit foundation that accelerates the search for cures for children’s cancer by driving innovation, overcoming research barriers and solving the field’s most challenging problems.

KidsHealth - The goal of this organization is to help parents, kids, and teens take charge of their health.

National Brain Tumor Society - This society brings together the best of research and patient services to be a comprehensive resource for patients, families, caregivers, researchers, and medical professionals.

National Cancer Institute: Brain Tumors - This government site will provide you with treatment summaries on different types of childhood brain tumors, clinical trial information and statistics.
Also in Spanish.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation - With a mission to Care. Cure. Thrive., the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation leads the way in funding childhood brain cancer research to cure the kids, supports families affected by this disease, and advocates for policies that help patients, survivors and their loved ones.

OncoLink: All About Pediatric Gliomas (Low and High Grade) - OncoLink was founded in 1994 by Penn cancer specialists with a mission to help cancer patients, families, healthcare professionals and the general public get accurate cancer-related information at no charge. Find out about risk and prevention, screening, and treatment options at this site.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Brain Tumors - You can learn about the types of brain tumors at this informative site.

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