American Cancer Society: Melanoma Skin Cancer - The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.
Also in Spanish.

American Academy of Dermatology - The information on this website comes from the nation's leading dermatology experts.

KidsHealth for Parents: Melanoma - This site was created by the Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media and aims to provide the best children's health information on the Internet.
Also in Spanish.

Macmillan Cancer Support: Melanoma - This UK based organization helps with all the things that people affected by cancer want and need. Here you will find information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

MayoClinic: Melanoma - This site provides access to the experience and knowledge of the more than 2,000 physicians and scientists of the Mayo Clinic.

MedlinePlus: Melanoma - Developed by the National Library of Medicine, this consumer health site directs the user to selected online resources on many common diseases, conditions, and concerns.
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Melanoma Education Foundation - This nonprofit organization provides information on how to prevent melanoma and how to find it early.

Melanoma Research Alliance - The mission of the Melanoma Research Alliance is to end suffering and death due to melanoma by collaborating with all stakeholders to accelerate powerful research, advance cures for all patients, and prevent more melanomas.

Melanoma Research Foundation - The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is leading the melanoma community to transform melanoma from one of the deadliest cancers to one of the most treatable through research, education and advocacy.

Merck Manual Consumer Version: Melanoma - An overview on the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma can be found at this site.

National Cancer Institute: Skin Cancer (Including Melanoma) - The NCI, established under the National Cancer Act of 1937, is the Federal Government's principal agency for cancer research and training. Here you will find information on prevention, treatment, and clinical trials.
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National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN): Melanoma - NCCN resources aim to assist patients and their caregivers with overcoming the challenges related to cancer. The goal of this book is to help you get the best cancer treatment.

OncoLink: Melanoma - OncoLink was founded in 1994 by Penn cancer specialists with a mission to help cancer patients, families, healthcare professionals and the general public get accurate cancer-related information at no charge. Find out about risk and prevention, screening, and treatment options at this site.

Skin Cancer Foundation: Melanoma - The Foundation's mission is to decrease the incidence of the disease by means of public and professional education, medical training, and research. Articles on the warning signs, types, stages, and treatment of melanoma can be found at this site.
Also in Spanish.


Interactive Tutorials / Videos

American Academy of Dermatology: Prevent Skin Cancer OR Skin Self-Exam - These informative videos are from the nation's leading dermatology experts.

Dear 16-Year-Old Me - Real people who have dealt with melanoma and skin cancer share what they wish they did to lower their risk.

Layers of Skin and their Function - This is a 3D animation video from Nucleus Medical Media.  Other videos include:  ** page under construction**

Know Warning Signs of Melanoma - This short CNN video gives a quick overview of some of the early warning signs for melanoma.

Siteman Cancer Center: Your Disease Risk - This interactive tool estimates your risk of cancer and provides personalized tips for prevention. Simply choose melanoma from the menu and answer some questions to find out your risk.

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