Rutgers Youth Enjoy Science (RUYES) Program Overview

The Rutgers Youth Enjoy Science (RUYES) program seeks to encourage youth from groups that are underrepresented in the biomedical sciences to pursue cancer research and healthcare careers. View the program brochure here.

CURE Program researcherTo achieve this goal, RUYES will:

  • Engage high school science teachers in mentored cancer research and provide curriculum development support to create novel instructional approaches for teachers to take to classrooms.
  • Inspire, motivate and educate high school and undergraduate students through mentored cancer research training, co-curricular support and professional development activities.
  • Connect with middle school students and their families in their communities through innovative outreach activities to enhance awareness and appreciation of science education and research careers.

Participants will engage in research and program related activities for three months per year for two years.

RUYES will replace both the CURE and CREHST research programs.

The RUYES program is generously funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute grant 1R25CA247785. 

What's It Like To Participate in RUYES?


RUYES Students and Research Projects: Cohorts 2-3
RUYES Teachers and Research Projects: Cohorts 2-3

RUYES Students and Research Projects: Cohorts 1-2
RUYES Teachers and Research Projects: Cohorts 1-2


Application Portal for Summer 2024 opened November 4th.
Early Decision February 23rd
Applications close March 8th but will be accepted until positions filled.

Students Must complete the following qualifying survey to determine eligibility and receive application link:
Student Qualifying Survey

Start Date for 2024:  
 Undergrad Students: June 24, 2024  
 High School Students: June 28, 2024  
 Teachers: June 28, 2024  

Expected end date for summer Program:   
 Undergrad Students: August 30, 2024 
 High School Students: August 30, 2024 
 Teachers: August 23, 2024 

Cover of Winter 2024 RUYES NewsletterRUYES Newsletter

The June 2024 edition of the RUYES Newsletter is available.

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