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TRIM33-DNA damage

TRIM33 participates in DNA damage response
TRIM33 rapidly recruits to the UV laser scissors induced DNA damage in PARP and ALC1 dependent manner. TRIM33 fail to localize to DNA damage in the cells treated with PARP inhibitor or the PARP1-/- MEFS and cells depleted for ALC1 with ALC1sh RNA. TRIM33 although do not directly bind to PAR like ALC1 and APLF.


G9a GLP1
HeLa cells were laser micro-irradiated and after 10 minutes processed for immuno-florescence staining using indicated antibodies.

PLA was used to visualize regions of close proximity between γH2AX and either 53BP1, G9a or GLP1 in U2OS cells treated with micro-irradiation. PLA using only γH2AX antibody alone is shown as negative control. 

BMI1 and CBX2 are recruited to sites of DNA damage. HeLa cells were subjected to laser scissors-induced DNA damage and, after 30 min, localization of pH2AX and either BMI1 (top panel) or CBX2 (bottom panel) was assayed by immuno-florescence.