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Researcher Publications

Alexander J. Valvezan, PhD

Selected Publications

  • Valvezan AJ, McNamara MC, Miller SK, Torrence ME, Asara JM, Henske EP, Manning BD. IMPDH inhibitors for anti-tumor therapy in tuberous sclerosis complex. JCI Insight, 5(7):e135071, Apr 2020.
  • Valvezan AJ and Manning BD. Molecular logic of mTORC1 signaling as a metabolic rheostat. Nature Metabolism, 1:321-333, Mar 2019.
  • Valvezan AJ, Turner M, Belaid A, Lam HC, Miller SK, McNamara MC, Baglini C, Housden BE, Perrimon N, Kwiatkowski DJ, Asara JM, Henske EP, Manning BD. mTORC1 couples nucleotide synthesis to nucleotide demand resulting in a targetable metabolic vulnerability. Cancer Cell, 32(5):624-638, Nov 2017.

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