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Researcher Publications

Karen A. Schindler, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Tyc KM, El Yakoubi W, Bag A, Landis J, Zhan Y, Treff NR, Scott RT, Tao X, Schindler K, Xing J. Exome sequencing links CEP120 mutation to maternally derived aneuploid conception risk. Hum Reprod. 2020 Sep 1;35(9):2134-2148. doi: 10.1093/humrep/deaa148. PubMed PMID: 32772081.
  2. Tyc KM, McCoy RC, Schindler K, Xing J. Mathematical modeling of human oocyte aneuploidy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 May 12;117(19):10455-10464. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1912853117. Epub 2020 Apr 29. PubMed PMID: 32350135; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC7229693.
  3. Vazquez BN, Blengini CS, Hernandez Y, Serrano L, Schindler K. SIRT7 promotes chromosome synapsis during prophase I of female meiosis. Chromosoma. 2019 Sep;128(3):369-383. doi: 10.1007/s00412-019-00713-9. Epub 2019 Jun 29. PubMed PMID: 31256246.
  4. Nguyen AL, Drutovic D, Vazquez BN, El Yakoubi W, Gentilello AS, Malumbres M, Solc P, Schindler K. Genetic Interactions between the Aurora Kinases Reveal New Requirements for AURKB and AURKC during Oocyte Meiosis. Curr Biol. 2018 Nov 5;28(21):3458-3468.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.08.052. Epub 2018 Oct 25. PubMed PMID: 30415701; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6234855.
  5. Nguyen AL, Marin D, Scott R, Schindler K. (2018). A method to determine human gene function in meiosis using mouse oocytes. Journal of Visualized Experiments. (134), e57442, doi:10.3791/57442.
  6. Balboula AZ, Blengini C, Gentilello AS, Takahasi M, Schindler K. (2017). Maternal RNA regulates Aurora C kinase during mouse oocyte maturation in a translation-independent fashion. Biology of Reproduction. 96(6): 1197-1209.
  7. Quartuccio SM, Dipali SS, Schindler K. (2017). Haspin inhibition reveals functional differences of interchromatid axis-localized AURKB and AURKC. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 8(17): 2233-2240.
  8. Nguyen AL, Marin D, Zhou A, Smoak EM, Gentilello AS, Cao Z, Fedick A, Wang Y, Taylor D, Scott Jr. RT, Xing J, Treff N, Schindler K. (2017). Identification and characterization of Aurora Kinase B and C variants associated with maternal aneuploidy. Molecular Human Reproduction. 23(6): 406-16.
  9. Nguyen AL and Schindler K. (2017). Specialize and divide (twice): Functions of 3 Aurora kinase homologs in mammalian oocyte meiotic maturation. Trends in Genetics. 33(5): 349-63.
  10. Radford SJ, Nguyen AL, Schindler K, McKim KS. (2017). The chromosomal basis of meiotic acentrosomal spindle assembly and function in oocytes. Chromosoma. 126(3): 351-64.
  11. Balboula AZ, Nguyen AL, Gentilello AS, Quartuccio SM, Drutovic D, Solc P, Schindler K. (2016). Haspin kinase regulates microtubule-organizing center clustering and stability through Aurora kinase C in mouse oocytes. Journal of Cell Science. 129(19): 3648-60.
  12. Fellmeth JE, Ghanaim ES, Schindler K. (2016). Characterization of macrozoospermia-associated AURKC mutations in a mammalian meiotic system. Human Molecular Genetics. 25(13): 2698-711.
  13. Quartuccio SM and Schindler K. (2015). Functions of Aurora kinase C in meiosis and cancer. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 3: 50.
  14. Fellmeth JE, Gordon D, Robins CE, Scott RT, Treff NR, Schindler K. (2015). Expression and characterization of three Aurora kinase C splice variants found in human oocytes. Molecular Human Reproduction. 21(8): 633-44.
  15. Balboula AZ, Stein P, Schultz RM, Schindler K. (2015). RBBP4 regulates histone deacetylation and bipolar spindle assembly during oocyte maturation in the mouse. Biology of Reproduction. 92(4): 105, 1-12.
  16. Nguyen AL, Gentilello AS, Balboula AZ, Shrivastava V, Ohring J, Schindler K. (2014). Phosphorylation of threonine 3 on histone 3 by Haspin kinase is required for meiosis I in mouse oocytes. Journal of Cell Science. 127(23): 5066-78.
  17. Balboula AZ and Schindler K. (2014). Selective disruption of Aurora C kinase reveals distinct functions from Aurora B kinase during meiosis in mouse oocytes. PLoS Genetics, 10(2): e:1004194.
  18. Balboula AZ, Stein P, Schultz RM, Schindler K. (2014). Knockdown of RBBP7 unveils a requirement of histone deacetylation for CPC function in mouse oocytes. Cell Cycle. 13(4): 600-11.

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