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Researcher Publications

KiBum Lee, PhD

Selected Publications

  • Zhang, Y.; Wiesholler, L.M.; Rabie, H.; Jiang, P.; Lai, J.; Hirsch, T. Lee, K.-B. Remote Control of Neural Stem Cell Fate Using NIR-Responsive Photoswitching Upconversion Nanoparticle Constructs. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2020, 12, 40031-40041 (PMID: 32805826)
  • Yang, L.; Conley, B.M.; Cerqueira, S.R.; Pongkulapa, T.; Wang, S.; Lee, J.K. Lee, K.-B. Effective Modulation of CNS Inhibitory Microenvironment using Bioinspired Hybrid-Nanoscaffold-Based Therapeutic Interventions. Advanced Materials2020 (PMID: 32893402)
  • Yang, C.; Luo, J.; Polunas, M.; Bosnjak, N.; Chueng, S.T.D.; Chadwick, M.; Sabaawy, H.E.; Chester, S.A.; Lee, K.-B. Lee, H. 4D-Printed Transformable Tube Array for High-Throughput 3D Cell Culture and Histology. Advanced Materials2020 (PMID: 32864842)
  • Patel, A.; Lima, M.R.N.; Cho, H.Y.; Lee, K.-B.; Murthy, N.S. Kohn, J. Disassembly of Nanospheres with a PEG Shell upon Adsorption onto PEGylated Substrates. Langmuir2020, 36, 232-241 (PMID: 31825622)
  • Lee, J.M.; Kang, W.S.; Lee, K.G.; Cho, H.Y.; Conley, B.; Ahrberg, C.D.; Lim, J.H.; Mo, S.J.; Mun, S.G.; Kim, E.J.; Choi, J.W.; Lee, K.-B.; Lee, S.J. Chung, B.G. Combinatorial Biophysical Cue Sensor Array for Controlling Neural Stem Cell Fate. Biosensors and Bioelectronics2020, 156 (PMID: 32174554)
  • Lee, J.H.; Luo, J.; Choi, H.K.; Chueng, S.T.D.; Lee, K.-B. Choi, J.W. Functional Nanoarrays for Investigating Stem Cell Fate and Function. Nanoscale2020, 12, 9306-9326 (PMID: 32090229)
  • Choi, J.H.; Kim, T.H.; El-Said, W.A.; Lee, J.H.; Yang, L.; Conley, B.; Choi, J.W. Lee, K.-B. In Situ Detection of Neurotransmitters from Stem Cell-Derived Neural Interface at the Single-Cell Level via Graphene-Hybrid SERS Nanobiosensing. Nano Letters2020 (PMID: 32870013)
  • Yang, L.; Lee, J.H.; Rathnam, C.; Hou, Y.; Choi, J.W. Lee, K.-B. Dual-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Based Characterization of Stem Cell Differentiation Using Graphene-Plasmonic Hybrid Nanoarray. Nano Letters2019, 19, 8138-8148 (PMID: 31663759)
  • Wang, S.; Yang, L.; Cho, H.Y.; Dean Chueng, S.T.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Q. Lee, K.-B. Programmed Degradation of a Hierarchical Nanoparticle with Redox and Light Responsivity for Self-Activated Photo-Chemical Enhanced Chemodynamic Therapy. Biomaterials2019, 224 (PMID: 31557590)
  • Wang, H.; Dardir, K.; Lee, K.-B. Fabris, L. Impact of Protein Corona in Nanoflare-Based Biomolecular Detection and Quantification. Bioconjugate Chemistry2019, 30, 2555-2562 (PMID: 31479244)
  • Suryaprakash, S.; Lao, Y.H.; Cho, H.Y.; Li, M.; Ji, H.Y.; Shao, D.; Hu, H.; Quek, C.H.; Huang, D.; Mintz, R.L.; Bagó, J.R.; Hingtgen, S.D.; Lee, K.-B. Leong, K.W. Engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cell/Nanomedicine Spheroid as an Active Drug Delivery Platform for Combinational Glioblastoma Therapy. Nano Letters2019, 19, 1701-1705 (PMID: 30773888)
  • Song, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, F.; Li, Q.; Ta, H.Q.; Rümmeli, M.H.; Tully, C.G.; Li, Z.; Yin, W.J.; Yang, L.; Lee, K.-B.; Yang, J.; Bozkurt, I.; Liu, S.; Zhang, W. Chhowalla, M. Plasmon-Free Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Metallic 2D Materials. Acs Nano2019, 13, 8312-8319 (PMID: 31284713)
  • Rathnam, C.; Chueng, S.T.D.; Ying, Y.L.M.; Lee, K.-B. Kwan, K. Developments in Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials for Therapeutic Delivery to Treat Hearing Loss. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience2019, 13 (PMID: 31780898)
  • Rabie, H.; Zhang, Y.; Pasquale, N.; Lagos, M.J.; Batson, P.E. Lee, K.-B. NIR Biosensing of Neurotransmitters in Stem Cell-Derived Neural Interface Using Advanced Core–Shell Upconversion Nanoparticles. Advanced Materials2019, 31 (PMID: 30761616)
  • Lee, J.H.; Choi, J.H.; Chueng, S.T.D.; Pongkulapa, T.; Yang, L.; Cho, H.Y.; Choi, J.W. Lee, K.-B. Nondestructive Characterization of Stem Cell Neurogenesis by a Magneto-Plasmonic Nanomaterial-Based Exosomal miRNA Detection. Acs Nano2019, 13, 8793-8803 (PMID: 31361458)
  • Koh, M.; Cho, H.Y.; Yu, C.; Choi, S.; Lee, K.-B. Schultz, P.G. Site-Specific Incorporation of a Dithiolane Containing Amino Acid into Proteins. Bioconjugate Chemistry2019, 30, 2102-2105 (PMID: 31319026)
  • Cho, H.Y.; Mavi, A.; Chueng, S.T.D.; Pongkulapa, T.; Pasquale, N.; Rabie, H.; Han, J.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, T.H.; Choi, J.W. Lee, K.-B. Tumor Homing Reactive Oxygen Species Nanoparticle for Enhanced Cancer Therapy. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2019, 11, 23909-23918 (PMID: 31252451)
  • Yang, L.; Chueng, ST.D.; Li, Y.; Patel, M.; Rathnam, C.; Dey, G.; Wang, L.; Cai, L.;  Lee, K.-B., “A Biodegradable Hybrid Inorganic Nanoscaffold for Advanced Stem Cell Therapy”,Nature Communications2018, 9, 3147 (PMID: 30089775)
  • Yin, P.T.*; Pongkulapa, T.*; Cho, H.-Y.; Han, J.; Pasquale, N.; Rabie, H.; Kim, J.-H.; Choi, J.-W.;  Lee, K.-B., “Overcoming Chemoresistance in Cancer via Combined MicroRNA Therapeutics with Anti-Cancer Drugs using Multifunctional Magnetic Core-Shell Nanoparticles”,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2018, 10, 32, 26954-26963 (PMID:30028120)
  • Cho, H.-Y.*; Lee, T.*; Yoon, J.; Han, Z.; Rabie, H.; Lee, K.-B.; Su, W.W.; Choi, J.-W., “Magnetic Oleosome as a Functional Lipophilic Drug Carrier for Cancer Therapy”,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2018, 10, 9301-9309 (PMID: 29488744)
  • Cho, H.-Y.*; Hossain, M.K.*; Lee, J.-H.; Han, J.; Lee, H.J.; Kim, K.-J.; Kim, J.-H.;  Lee, K.-B.; Choi, J.-W., “Selective Isolation and Noninvasive Analysis of Circulating Cancer Stem Cells Through Raman Imaging”,Biosensors and Bioelectronics2018, 102, 372-382 (PMID: 29174970)
  • Bhamidipati, M; Cho, H.-Y.; Lee, K.-B.; Fabris, L., “SERS-Based Quantification of Biomarker Expression at the Single Cell Level Enabled by Gold Nanostars and Truncated Aptamers”,Bioconjugate Chemistry2018, 29 (9), 2970–2981 (PMID: 30110153)
  • Yin, P.T.; Shah, S.; Pasquale, N.; Garbuzenko, O.B.; Minko, T.; Lee, K.-B., “Stem Cell-based Gene Therapy Activated Using Magnetic Hyperthermia to Enhance the Treatment of Cancer”,Biomaterials2016, 81, 46–57 (PMID: 26720500)
  • Saleh, T.; Jankowski, W.; Sriram, G.; Rossi, P.; Shah, S.;  Lee, K.-B.; Cruz, L.; Rodriguez, A.; Birge, R.; Kalodimos,C., “Cyclophilin A Promotes Cell Migration via the Abl-Crk Signaling Pathway”,Nature Chemical Biology2016, 12, 117–123 (PMID: 26656091)
  • Lai, J.; Shah, B.P.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, L.; Lee, K.-B., “Real-Time Monitoring of ATP-Responsive Drug Release using Mesoporous-Silica-Coated Multicolor Upconversion Nanoparticles”,ACS Nano2015, 9, 5234-5245 (PMID: 25859611)
  • Yin, P.T.; Shah, S.; Chhowalla, M.; Lee, K.-B., “Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Graphene-Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials for Bio-applications”,Chemical Reviews2015, 7, 2483-2780 (PMID: 25692385)
  • Yin, P.T.; Han, E.; Lee, K.-B., “Engineering Stem Cells for Biomedical Applications”,Advanced Healthcare Materials2015, 5, 10-55 (PMID:25772134)
  • Shah, S.; Sasmal, P.; Lee, K.-B., “Photo-triggerable hydrogel–nanoparticle hybrid scaffolds for remotely controlled drug delivery”,Journal of Materials Chemistry B2014, 2, 7685-7693 (PMID: 25580246)
  • Shah, B.P.; Pasquale, N.; De, G.; Tan, T.; Ma, J.; Lee, K.-B., “Core-Shell Nanoparticle-Based Peptide Therapeutics and Combined Hyperthermia for Enhanced Cancer Cell Apoptosis”,ACS Nano2014, 9, 9379-9387 (PMID: 25133971)
  • Yin, P.T.; Shah, B.P.; Lee, K.-B., “Combined magnetic nanoparticle-based microRNA and hyperthermia therapy to enhance apoptosis in brain cancer cells”,Small2014, 20, 4106-4112 (PMID: 24947843)
  • Shah, B.P.; Yin, P.T.; Ghoshal, S.; Lee, K.-B., “Multimodal Magnetic Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Effective Stem-Cell Differentiation and Imaging”, Angewandte Chemie2013, 52, 6190-6195 (PMID: 23650180)
  • Lai, JP.*; Shah, B.P.*; Garfunkel, E; Lee, K.-B., “Versatile FRET-Based Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Real-Time Monitoring of Drug Release”, ACS Nano2013, 7, 2741-2750 (PMID: 23445171)

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