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Researcher Publications

Anita Y. Kinney, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Campo RA, Light KC, O’Connor K, Nakamura Y, Lipschitz D, LaStayo PC, Agarwal N, Martins TB, Hill HR, Irwin MR, Kinney AY; Blood pressure, cortisol, and inflammatory cytokines outcomes in senior female cancer survivors enrolled in a Tai Chi Chih randomized controlled trial; Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 9:115-25, 2014
  2. Kinney AY, Butler KM, Schwartz MD, Mandelblatt JS, Boucher KM, Pappas LM, Gammon A, Kohlmann W, Edwards SL, Stroup AM, Buys SS, Flores KG, Campo RA; Expanding access to BRCA1/2 genetic counseling with telephone delivery: A cluster randomized non-inferiority trial; Journal of the National Cancer Institute; 106:1-12, 2014
  3. Steffen LE, Boucher KM, Damron BH, Pappas LM, Walters ST, Flores KG, Boonyasiriwat W, Vernon SW, Stroup AM, Schwartz MD, Edwards SL, Kohlmann WK, Lowery JT, Wiggins CL, Hill DA, Higginbotham JC, Burt R, Simmons RG, Kinney AY; Efficacy of a telehealth intervention on colonoscopy uptake when cost is a barrier: The Family CARE cluster randomized controlled trial; Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, & Prevention, 24:1311-8, 2015
  4. Birmingham W#, Hung M, Boonyasiriwat W, Kohlmann W, Walters S, Burt RW, Stroup AM, Edwards S, Schwartz MD, Lowery JT, Hill DA, Wiggins C, Higginbotham JC, Tang P, Hon SD, Franklin J, Vernon SW, Kinney AY; Effectiveness of the extended parallel process model in promoting colorectal cancer screening; Psycho-oncology, 2015
  5. McBride CM*, Birmingham W, Kinney AY; Health Psychology and Translational Genomic Research: Bringing innovation to cancer-related behavioral interventions; American Psychologist, 70:91-104, 2015
  6. Chang Y, Near AM, Butler, KM, Hoeffken A, Edwards SL, Stroup AM, Kohlmann W, Gammon A, Buys SS, Schwartz MD, Peshkin BN, Kinney AY, Mandelblatt J; ReCAP: Economic evaluation alongside a clinical trial of telephone versus In-person genetic counseling for BRCA1/2 mutations in geographically underserved areas; Journal of Oncology Practice, 12:59, 1-13, 2016
  7. Kinney AY, Steffen LE, Brumbach BH, Kohlmann W, Du, R, Lee JH, Gammon A, Butler K, Buys,SS, Stroup AM, Camp RA#, Flores KG, Mandelblatt JS, Schwartz MD; Randomized Noninferiority Trial of Telephone Delivery of BRCA1/2 Genetic Counseling Compared to In-person Counseling: One-Year Follow-up; J Clinical Oncol, 34:2914-24, 2016
  8. Flores, KG, Steffen, LE, McLouth, CJ, Vicuna BE, Gammon A, Kohlmann W, Vigil L, Dayao Z, Royce M, Kinney AY; Factors associated with interest in gene-panel testing and risk communication preferences in women from BRCA1/2 negative families; J Genetic Counseling, 26:480-490, 2017
  9. Cragun D, Kinney AY, Pal T; Care delivery considerations for widespread and equitable implementation of inherited cancer predisposition testing; Expert Reviews in Mol Diag, 17:57-70, 2017
  10. Brumbach BH, Walters S, Boonyasiriwat W#, Birmingham W, Kinney AY; Intervention Mediators in a Randomized Controlled Trial to Increase Colonoscopy Uptake among Individuals at Increased Risk of Familial Colorectal Cancer; Annals of Beh Med, 51(5):694-706, 2017
  11. Ginossar T, Shah, SFA, West2 A; Bentley J, Caburnay C, Kreuter, Kinney AY; Cancer-Related Content, Usability and Utilization of Plain Language: Analysis of Breast Cancer Smartphone Applications; J Medical Informatics Research, 5:1-20, 2017
  12. Rutledge TL, Kano M, Guest D, Sussman A, Kinney AY; Optimizing endometrial cancer follow-up and survivorship care for rural and other underserved women: Patient and provider perspectives. Gynecol Oncol, 145:334-339, 2017
  13. Steffen LE, Gammon A, Mandelblatt JS, Du R, Kohlmann W, Lee JH, Buys SS, Stroup AM, Campo RA, Flores KG, Vicuna B, Schwartz MD, Kinney AY; Genetic testing in a population-based sample of breast and ovarian cancer survivors from the REACH randomized trial: Cost barriers and moderators of counseling mode; Cancer Epidemiol, Biomarkers Prev 6:1772-1780, 2017
  14. Vicuna B, Flores KG, Ballinger, L, Royce M, Dayao, Z, Delaney H, Pal T, Kinney AY; Preferences for Multi-Gene Panel Testing for Hereditary Breast Cancer Risk among Ethnically Diverse BRCA-Uninformative Families; J Community Genetics, 9:81-92, 2018
  15. McDougall JM, Banegas M, Wiggins C, Rajput A, Chiu V, Kinney AY; Rural Disparities in Treatment-Related Financial Hardship and Adherence to Surveillance Colonoscopy in Diverse Colorectal Cancer Survivors; Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, In Press
  16. Kinney AY, Howell R, Ruckman R, McDougall JA, Boyce TW, Vicuna B, Lee JH, Guest, DD, Rycroft R, Valverde PA, Gallegos KM, Meisner A, Wiggins CL, Stroup A, Paddock LE, Walters ST. Promoting Guideline-Based Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Ethnically and Geographically Diverse Cancer Survivors: Rationale and Design of a 3-arm Randomized Controlled Trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials. In Press.

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